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Top Podcasts of 2016

The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast

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When Dude Spellings and I set out to create The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast, we had a grand total of zero experience in media and podcasting. But we wanted to document and broadcast what we believed was a massive shift coming to the world of Golf. Regardless of the audience size, we committed to stick with it for 1 year. We have not been disappointed!

As we wrap up 2016, we are extremely proud to have produced over 60 hours of original content in 2016, (500+ hours of post-production), hosting some of the most innovative figures in the golf industry, and highlighting 21st century breakthroughs in alt golf movements, technology, and governing body reform. Our episodes have been downloaded thousands of times, and the growth of our audience continues to accelerate with each new episode.

Here are just a few of the topics we covered this year:

Alt Golf

Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Industry Insiders

Human Performance Experts

Here are the top 3 most downloaded episodes of 2016. (click on image to listen)

#3 - Freestyle Golf Specialist Ryan Rustand

Ryan Rustand @coach_rusty on Instagram | The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast

Freestyle Golf Specialist Ryan Rustand @coach_rusty on Instagram

#2 - Competitor Group Founder Bob Babbitt

Competitor Group Co-Founder Bob Babbitt | The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast

Competitor Group Co-Founder Bob Babbitt

#1 - Swing Instructor George Gankas

George Gankas @ggswingtips on Instagram | The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast

Swing Instructor George Gankas - aka @ggswingtips on Instagram

More Than A Podcast

Dude and I are grateful for all the success we've experienced in 2016. Beyond our weekly podcast, we instituted the first ever global Speedgolf Power Rankings, brought on 2 new content contributors, recently started the POC blog, and are hosting our own event in Austin, Tx on New Year's Eve: The Pace Of Play Challenge & Speedgolf Texas Pro-Am

We have some big plans for 2017, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all our listeners, fans, and guests for a wonderful 2016. We look forward to picking up the pace with you in 2017! If you haven't already, thank you for listening, liking, subscribing, sharing, and continuing to support The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast!

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