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    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 065

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    Golf Sixes POC Minipod by listener request


    Pyrotechnics, loud music, pro tracers, shot clocks. Don't get me started!


    The Euro Tour has done it again with Golf Sixes!


    Brought to you by listener request, (Andy Kerr - @trexoftri on Twitter), enjoy this POC minipod with Scott Dawley and Allan Phillips.


    Golf Sixes Website: http://golfsixes.com/


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    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 064

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    Pam Painter British Speedgolf Founder


    "Great golf is at the heart of speedgolf. And I think that’s what makes it such an interesting, new cross-discipline sport." - Pam Painter


    Speedgolf is:

    1) Great for fitness.

    2) A sport that has its roots in fun

    3) Invigorating, you get a thrill from doing it

    4) Lends itself to our time-poor 21st century lifestyle


    "I think really the involvement has come from a grown passion about the sport. I’m absolutely passionate to see that Speedgolf succeeds. So really you’re looking to use any vehicles you can to spread the word, and to get Speedgolf out there to as many people as possible." - Pam Painter


    "Whether you want to play competitively, or just get out there, there’s something in Speedgolf for everybody." - Pam Painter


    Episode Notes

    3:30 - British Speedgolf Origin Story

    6:20 - Overcoming strong UK golf traditions

    7:30 - Overcoming misperceptions about Speedgolf

    8:50 - Speedgolf is for a wide audience

    10:00 - Elite Speedgolf vs. grassroots play

    Explore the social dimension of SG

    13:00 - Who’s interested in Speedgolf?

    14:42 - Strava Club for British Speedgolf / Speedgolf Global

    18:00 - British Open Speedgolf Championships


    20 min from london gatwick airport

    Piltdown Golf Club

    Whites - 6055 yds, par 68

    Reds - 5217, par 72

    Flatter than previous host venue Dale Hill

    Accuracy will be key to success

    Running Start

    TransWorld Sport on British Speedgolf - video

    22:00 - Sponsors

    Vision Golf

    Other innovative brands



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    World-Ranked Speedgolfer 72in48min | Speedgolf USA Founder | LinksRun Founder




    Speedgolf Texas Executive Director | Austin Skins Co-Founder | Pace of Play Enthusiast

  • The POC Team

    Meet our top notch contributors!

    Allan Phillips


    Allan Phillips is a strength and conditioning specialist and world ranked professional Speedgolfer.


    He brings a versatile background to the Pace of Change team as a Titleist Performance Institute Golf fitness instructor, USA Triathlon coach, and StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. He has trained athletes at all levels, with his athletes claiming international and national titles in cycling, triathlon, and track and field.


    Allan turned professional in Speedgolf in 2013 after a college golf career at Emory University and several years on the amateur golf circuit. He has one professional victory (2013 Oregon Speedgolf Open), and has finished in the top 7 three times at the Speedgolf World Championships, highlighted by a third place finish in 2014.


    As an endurance athlete, he has won multiple triathlons and holds running PR’s of 1:13 in the half marathon and 2:39 in the full.


    Website: www.pikeathletics.com

    Instagram: @alphill4035

    Facebook: allan.phillips79

    Twitter: @alphill4305

    Chris Hundhausen


    Chris Hundhausen is an amateur Speedgolfer and professor of Computer Science at Washington State University.


    As an expert in the field of human-computer interaction, Chris brings the Pace of Change team a passion for designing technology to aid human performance. He is particularly interested in using human performance data to help Speedgolfers gain new insights, improve their performances, and have fun!


    Chris took up Speedgolf in 2012, when he realized that his love of golf was being squelched by the increasingly slow pace of play. In his early days of Speedgolf, Chris ran behind a push cart loaded with 14 clubs. Chris always plays with five clubs, and is always looking to identify best practices for playing faster and more efficiently.


    In addition to speedgolf, Chris is an avid trumpet player, and an enthusiastic sprint triathlete and cross-country ski racer.


    E-mail: chundhau@gmail.com

    Facebook: Chris Hundhausen

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