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Pain, Suffering, and Ecstasy

by Luke Willett

· Training

Pain, suffering and ecstasy. This is exactly what I experience when playing Speedgolf.

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Personally, I prefer to play the all-out-run-as-hard-as-you-can style of Speedgolf. Why? Because it is here – where I am working at my physical limits, that everything else blends into the background. The zone. The flow. A pure presence of mind that money can’t buy. When I hole my final putt, or cross the finish line, it is my aim to collapse in the knowledge I have achieved my goal.

It is my belief that you always need a primary focus, which for me means I am going for speed (not a specific time) - just as fast as I can that given day. When it comes to score this strategy might be considered reckless, however I see it differently because for me a good score is a bonus.

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Luke Willett, also known as The Iron Golfer, is the ultimate Golf Adventurer.

When I used to compete as a professional, even in my early days as an elite amateur, it was all about score. As a result, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied, placing more and more unrealistic goals on myself: goals about things totally out of my control.

Now, when I play Speedgolf, I know when I have achieved my goal because my lungs will scream and my legs will barely be able to support my body weight. No devices or monitors needed, just good old pain, suffering...and ecstacy!

Just one of the many reasons why I wake up loving this game!

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