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Impromptu Callback With Multi-Course Operator Josh Heptig

Podcast Episode 049

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Welcome back to the POC!

As usual, we are broadcasting the evolution of Golf in the 21st century. In order to accomplish our mission, we profile and interview the pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators...the game changers in and around the golf industry.

We've talked about FootGolf with the founders of the AFGL, interviewed the inventor of FlingGolf, and covered the Speedgolf World Championships. Entrepreneurs, tech innovators, human performance experts, and elite world-class athletes have been on the show. To sum it up: we turn on the mic and let the future of Golf come out.

Describe Golf In One Word

We hope our work at the POC has revealed there is no shortage of new and exciting alternatives, cutting edge technologies, and game changing products and services tailored to meet the demands of the modern day lifestyle. The possibilities are endless!

When you get down to it though, how and when the game practically evolves hinges one very important group of gatekeepers. It's their worldview that ultimately determines the world's view of what golf is, and what can happen when you spend time (and money) at a golf facility.

Our guest today recently surveyed 500 golfers, asking them to provide one word descriptions of Golf. One person out of five hundred, yes 1/500, wrote FUN. ​

In the end, the buck stops with the golf course owners and operators. They are in control of the pace of change! Today's episode is going to encourage anyone who listens! The truth is undeniable, more and more operators are ready to pick up the pace, and ratchet up the fun!

Listen and Share. That's The Key!

The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast - Episode 49

Recently I've been getting more and more messages, emails, and phone calls from golf course operators ready to begin offering strategic blocks of time on their tee sheet to accommodate organized faster play. Josh Heptig, manager of 3 golf courses in San Luis Obispo, CA, reached out after hearing about Speedgolf USA on Babbittville radio.

My name is Josh Heptig and I am a golf operator in San Luis Obispo, CA and I would love to speak to you about speed golf. I first played it as an assistant superintendent making it up in my own and didn't know it even existed. I heard you in a podcast today. Call me at <805-215-4125> as I want to host some events at one or all of my three facilities. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

This podcast is a little different than others. I decided to record my call back to Josh (with his permission of course), and give listeners the chance to hear an unscripted conversation with a forward thinking course operator. The audio quality is slightly diminished, but I'm hoping the quality of our organic conversation more than makes up for it.

If you enjoyed our conversation, Josh and I have a simple request for you. Share this episode with a member of the staff at your local golf course. Thank you in advance!

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