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To Condition Your Focus -

Play Speedgolf

by Luke Willett

· 2019,Training

Playing Speedgolf has many benefits, but there is one in particular you might not be aware of.

Whenever I play fast I am affectively narrowing my focus, as I am adding a whopper of a constraint. What do I mean? Well, I just don’t have the luxury of time to think about the shot ahead of me, or the ones I've already hit. As a result, I concentrate ever harder on the present moment.

From my experience this is where true fun lies – deep down in adventure. - Luke Willett

In many ways, this is my biggest appeal to Speedgolf. It forces the exact mindset that I cherish, you may call it golf zen or mindfulness.

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Luke Willett, the Iron Golfer (aka Square Banana), is inspiring a breed of golfer that has the confidence to side-step outside of the box to create unique golfing experiences.

Here is where things get really interesting. I have found when I take this heightened state of
focus and apply it to a slower, more standard pace of golf, my mind actually becomes better
at dealing with unwanted distraction’s – and with that comes better focus on the task at

Want to give fast a try, but don't feel ready for Speedgolf? No worries. Try hitting shots as soon as you reach your ball, or hit shots in quick succession on the range. The key is to give it a go, which from my experience is where true fun lies: deep down in adventure!

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