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What's In The Bag?

- Scott Dawley -

2016 Speedgolf Texas Pro-Am | Wolfdancer GC | 12.31.16

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I haven't played with more than 6 clubs since May 20th, 2013. I remember that day vividly because that was the first time I ever played Speedgolf.

Since then, I've tried playing Speedgolf with many different arrangements. For example, I played in the 2014 Speedgolf World Championships with just 3 clubs: Driver, 8-iron, and 54 degree wedge. The result wasn't too shabby: 75 in 48 minutes. I finished in 5th place, 5 shots behind the eventual champion, Eri Crum. With 5 three-putts, I still wonder what might have been if I had just grabbed my putter!

Over time I've been able to optimize my game with a 5 club setup. Here they are:


TaylorMade M2 -

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TaylorMade found the awesome sauce when it comes to drivers. Head and shoulders above the rest.


Adams Idea Pro - Tour Prototype | 20 degree

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I grabbed two of these (20 + 22) as an assistant golf professional at Redstone Golf Club during Shell Houston Open week in 2007. IMO, the best hybrids ever made?


Ping S56 - Black Dot | KBR Tour shaft - S flex

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I switched to Ping irons in 2013 because I loved the buttery feel and slim top line, even though the performance numbers were slightly inferior to the Mizuno irons I had played my entire amater and professional career.


Titleist Vokey SM4 - 54 degree

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Back in his prime, Vijay Singh only played with one wedge around the greens. Crazy? Definitely not. After 4 years with only a 54 degree wedge, it has become my magic wand.


Ping Scottdale Y-Worry

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It's a little embarrassing, but I left my favorite putter of all time (Odyssey 2-ball) on the driving range a few months ago. After a good theory gone bad (Odyssey Toe-Up), I pulled this bad boy out of the closet. It's nice to see the ball disappearing more often!


Vision Pro Tour V - Yellow

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I've been working closely with Vision Golf founder Wayne Bosley on ball testing in 2016. I've discovered there's a lot more to a ball than spin rate, soft feel, and cover durability. The PT-V is similar to the Titleist NXT, not my #1 ball choice, but the HIGH visibility yellow more than makes up for it. Now, instead of looking for my ball on the way down the hole, I can spot it early from a distance and spend that time planning my next shot.


Rival & Revel Silo Club Carrier

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Speedgolfers have been waiting for the elusive 'quiver' concept to move beyond the bag. I had just developed a rough model with pvc pipe and metal clips when a buddy sent me a picture of the Silo. It's the perfect solution that will only continue to improve as new models are released. R&R is a show sponsor, so grab a Silo here at a discount. ​

Be sure to follow all the action on New Year's Eve as we participate in the first real-time scoring Speedgolf event, the Speedgolf Texas Pro-Am.

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