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    New Zealand Champion Speedgolfer Liz McKinnon


    # 2 world ranked Liz McKinnon joins the POC Aussie duo just days before the official start to the 2019 Speedgolf World Tour season. Her sights are set on another national championship victory this year at the Parkland New Zealand Speedgolf Open. Whitford Park in Auckland plays host, and will provide a stern test to a quality field of high caliber Speedgolfers. Follow the action Feb 2-3 at PlaySpeedgolf.com/Leaderboard.      


    Other topics include:

    -Liz's Speedgolf origin story & competitive achievements

    -Heart rate data during SG competition

    -McKinnon's day job at New Zealand Golf

    -Tactics and strategies for increasing Speedgolf participation

    -Personal appeal and benefits of playing Speedgolf

    -2019 rollout plans for Speedgolf-friendly golf course participation in New Zealand



    Podcast Guest

    World #2 Liz McKinnon

    Podcast Hosts

    Ben Taylor Instagram: @aussiegolfmechanic

    Troy Levier Instagram: @the_garden_detailer


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    The Pace of Change Speedgolf Podcast - Broadcasting The Evolution Of Speedgolf In The 21st Century

    After returning from the 2015 Speedgolf World Championships, Scott Dawley and Dude Spellings decided it was time to start a podcast. The sport was in the beginning stages of major transformation, and we set out to document this revolutionary change in real time!

    In the beginning, we engaged with forward thinking guests from around the world of golf about where they saw the game headed in the 21st Century. There are some amazing conversations in the first 50 episodes. Back then, there wasn't enough Speedgolf action to cover on a weekly basis, but our ultimate goal was to help grow the sport and develop into the world's only podcast devoted exclusively to Speedgolf.


    As we approach our 100th episode, I'm proud of the unique content we have been able to produce and share with our listeners and fans. The entire POC library of past episodes is available on this website and will always be free to download and enjoy.


    Starting in 2019, the POC Golf Podcast proudly relaunches as the POC Speedgolf Podcast! Each week, we will profile and interview the pioneers, innovators, entrepreneurs, athletes, and record breakers – the change agents in and around the future Olympic sport. With the help of our guests, the POC Speedgolf Podcast will shed light on the ways in which the game is growing and evolving to keep pace with the demands of the modern world: Fast. Affordable. Healthy. Fun!


    Through the podcast you can join us on this incredible journey the game of Speedgolf is on. Subscribe today and get notified when we release a new episode.


    Until then – pick up the pace; play from your heart.


    -Scott Dawley-


    We're passionate Speedgolfers committed to broadcasting

    the next decade (at least) of transformation in the game.



    Speedgolf USA Founder | Pro Speedgolfer Ranked #12 |


    Facebook & Instagram: Scott Dawley Golf

  • The POC Team

    Meet our top notch contributors!

    Ben Taylor | Troy Levier


    Ben Taylor is a golf health professional and athlete development coach at Yarra Bend Golf Club in Fairfield, Victoria, Australia. He has a masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, and is Level 3 TPI Certified.

    Find out more at tailoredgolf.com.au.

    Follow Ben on Instagram @aussiegolfmechanic


    Troy Levier is from Canberra in the A.C.T. Runner-up in '14 and '15 Aussie SG Open, Troy runs a private garden cultivation and management business with over 25 clients who grow their own plants and fruit-bearing trees on-property.

    Follow Troy on Instagram @thegardendetailer.

    Allan Phillips


    Allan Phillips is a strength and conditioning specialist and world ranked professional Speedgolfer.


    He brings a versatile background to the Pace of Change team as a Titleist Performance Institute Golf fitness instructor, USA Triathlon coach, and StrongFirst kettlebell instructor. He has trained athletes at all levels, with his athletes claiming international and national titles in cycling, triathlon, and track and field.


    Allan turned professional in Speedgolf in 2013 after a college golf career at Emory University and several years on the amateur golf circuit. He has one professional victory (2013 Oregon Speedgolf Open), and has finished in the top 7 three times at the Speedgolf World Championships, highlighted by a third place finish in 2014.


    As an endurance athlete, he has won multiple triathlons and holds running PR’s of 1:13 in the half marathon and 2:39 in the full.


    Website: www.pikeathletics.com

    Instagram: @alphill4035

    Facebook: allan.phillips79

    Twitter: @alphill4305

    Chris Hundhausen


    Chris Hundhausen is an amateur Speedgolfer and professor of Computer Science at Washington State University.


    In 2017-18 Hundhausen designed and programmed the world's first Speedgolf Tournament Scoring Application, SpeedScore, which was implemented for the inaugural United States SpeedGolf Championships.


    As an expert in the field of human-computer interaction, Chris brings the Pace of Change team a passion for designing technology to aid human performance. He is particularly interested in using human performance data to help Speedgolfers gain new insights, improve their performances, and have fun!


    Chris took up Speedgolf in 2012, when he realized that his love of golf was being squelched by the increasingly slow pace of play. Chris always plays with five clubs, and is always looking to identify best practices for playing faster and more efficiently.



    E-mail: chundhau@gmail.com

    Facebook: Chris Hundhausen

    Dude Spellings


    Speedgolf Texas Director | Austin Skins Co-Founder | Pace of Play Enthusiast

    Facebook & Instagram: Dude Spellings

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