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    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 069

    Episode 069

    2017 Washington State SpeedGolf Champion Steve Vancil


    When we started the podcast in 2015 we made a bold prediction about the revolutionary transformation the game of golf was going to undergo in the next decade. Well, it's clear to see the train has officially left the station, and there's no stopping golf's advance into the 21st Century. And that means we can't stop here at the Pace Of Change Golf Podcast! More to come on the POC, but for now...


    We had Steve Vancil on the phone with Allan Phillips and Chris Hundausen to talk about his recent win at the inaugural Washington State Speedgolf Championships. Steve took down the reigning world champ Jamie Young, a former world champion in Eri Crum, the #1 world-ranked Speedgolfer in Wes Cupp , and an otherwise very strong field to earn his maiden victory in the modern speedgolf era.


    So the question for today is: Who is Steve Vancil?


    Topics Discussed:

    Golfing and Running history

    Speedgolf history

    What's In The Bag

    How Steve trains for Speedgolf

    WSSG Championship round recap

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 068

    Episode 068

    Speedgolf Iceland Founder Alexander Gylfason – Part II


    Putters with slots for shot glasses, playing with your pants off, Spacegolf?


    We don't know which is better: part I or part II with Speedgolf Iceland founder, Alexander Gylfason. You tell us. Enjoy!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 067

    Episode 067

    Speedgolf Iceland Founder Alexander Gylfason – Part 1


    Today's guest is impossible to pin down in one or two descriptive words. Dynamic is close enough.

    Hailing from Iceland, he's a former semi-pro soccer player, a former contestant on the Golf Channel reality competition series Altered Course, an international entrepreneur creating innovative 360 wins in the telecom industry, the founder of Speedgolf Iceland. And – oh yeah, he lives on an old Dutch military ship. Enjoy Part I. Stay tuned for Part II.

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 066

    Episode 066

    #1 World Ranked Speedgolfer Wesley Cupp


    “People have shot 69 here before and people will shoot 69 again – but nobody has done it (like Wes Cupp) in 46 minutes.” -Josh Cupp


    In this episode, we catch up with the current world #1 ranked Speedgolfer; host (and defending champion) of the New York Speedgolf Open, Wes Cupp.


    Staying true to the sport, we cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Enjoy!


    Topics Covered:

    - Introduction to Speedgolf

    - WITB (What's In The Bag)

    - Step-by-step Transition routine

    - The Cupp Hook invention

    - Advice for aspiring Speedgolf tournament directors

    - Trend of club professionals hosting speedgolf events

    - Wes' record-setting local Speedgolf tour

    - 2017 NYSGO Format breakdown


    Wes On Twitter: @therealwescupp


    Join Wes on the Speedgolf Discussion FB Page: http://bit.ly/2rY6XHq


    2017 New York Speedgolf Open entry form: here

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 065

    Episode 065

    Golf Sixes POC Minipod by listener request


    Pyrotechnics, loud music, pro tracers, shot clocks. Don't get me started!


    The Euro Tour has done it again with Golf Sixes!


    Brought to you by listener request, (Andy Kerr - @trexoftri on Twitter), enjoy this POC minipod with Scott Dawley and Allan Phillips.


    Golf Sixes Website: http://golfsixes.com/


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    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 064

    Episode 064

    Pam Painter British Speedgolf Founder


    "Great golf is at the heart of speedgolf. And I think that’s what makes it such an interesting, new cross-discipline sport." - Pam Painter


    Speedgolf is:

    1) Great for fitness.

    2) A sport that has its roots in fun

    3) Invigorating, you get a thrill from doing it

    4) Lends itself to our time-poor 21st century lifestyle


    "I think really the involvement has come from a grown passion about the sport. I’m absolutely passionate to see that Speedgolf succeeds. So really you’re looking to use any vehicles you can to spread the word, and to get Speedgolf out there to as many people as possible." - Pam Painter


    "Whether you want to play competitively, or just get out there, there’s something in Speedgolf for everybody." - Pam Painter


    Episode Notes

    3:30 - British Speedgolf Origin Story

    6:20 - Overcoming strong UK golf traditions

    7:30 - Overcoming misperceptions about Speedgolf

    8:50 - Speedgolf is for a wide audience

    10:00 - Elite Speedgolf vs. grassroots play

    Explore the social dimension of SG

    13:00 - Who’s interested in Speedgolf?

    14:42 - Strava Club for British Speedgolf / Speedgolf Global

    18:00 - British Open Speedgolf Championships


    20 min from london gatwick airport

    Piltdown Golf Club

    Whites - 6055 yds, par 68

    Reds - 5217, par 72

    Flatter than previous host venue Dale Hill

    Accuracy will be key to success

    Running Start

    TransWorld Sport on British Speedgolf - video

    22:00 - Sponsors

    Vision Golf

    Other innovative brands


    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 063

    Episode 063

    POC Roundtable


    Our take on golf's most notable events of the week:


    -The Lexi Ruling

    -Is the USGA actually evolving?

    -The Zurich Classic - success or silly?

    -Slow play penalties!

    - and more!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 062

    Episode 062

    The Speedgolf App


    There are a few key milestones and innovations that must occur before Speedgolf can truly reach the masses. None are as important as what we are about to announce in this episode.

    It's time to let the (app) out of the bag!


    That's right. the POC is excited to announce plans for the development of a 1st generation Speedgolf Tournament Scoring System & Personal Tracking App. Talk about a game changer!


    In this episode, Chris Hundhausen, Allan Phillips, and host Scott Dawley break the announcement, and give listeners just enough scoop to send their minds racing with ideas. We can't wait to hear all of them!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 061

    Episode 061

    Women's Speedgolf Power Rankings – 3rd Edition Release


    With so few women's tournament results posted over the last few years it's only been feasible to rank the top 3 ...until now. Thanks to fantastic support from NZ and AUS, Speedgolf is welcoming more than a few elite women golfers and athletes to the competitive community.


    With this release we are expanding the women's rankings to the Top 10! So much talent, so much potential for the women's side of the sport. Look for continued improvement and growth of the women's SGPR with each new release!


    More exciting news for the SGPR! As of this release, our ranking system is now endorsed by the sport's leading NGSO's: Speedgolf USA, British Speedgolf, Speedgolf Australia, and NZ Golf.

    And of course, we've got one last HUGE announcement... are you ready? Be sure to listen all the way to the end!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 060

    Episode 060

    Men's Speedgolf Power Rankings – 3rd Edition Release


    We've seen several events transpire since our last SGPR release heading into the 2017 season. As tournament results continue to improve, and new players enter the game there is bound to be some reshuffling in the top 20.


    We also announce exciting news for the SGPR! As of this release, our ranking system is now endorsed by the sport's leading NGSO's: Speedgolf USA, British Speedgolf, Speedgolf Australia, and NZ Golf

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 059

    Episode 059

    100km World Champion Kirstin Bull On Exceeding Expectations


    Is anything possible in your game? Are you training or preparing to win? How is that going for you?


    The last time we spoke with Kirstin Bull (Ep 020), she was training and preparing for the 100km World Championships. Guess what? She won!


    In spite of a full time job and all the other obligations of 21st century living, she went out and took care of business.


    How did Kirstin Bull exceed her own expectations? How can you apply some of the key principles she relied on to go further than you ever thought possible? Let's find out.


    Topics Covered:


    -Training and Preparation

    -Race Strategy: When to commit or shift gears

    -Trusting your gut instinct and putting it all on the line

    -Expecting the unexpected, and go with it when it happens

    -The importance of pushing yourself in training

    -Staying positively distracted during difficult stretches

    -Learning to override the body and finish with a strong mind

    -Anything is possible if you put your mind and body into it

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 058

    Episode 058

    California Speedgolf Open Recap With Host Pro Sean King


    In this episode we cover the recent inaugural CA Speedgolf Open with the host professional, and top world-ranked Speedgolfer, Sean King. Congratulations to champion Wes Cupp, all participants, volunteers, event sponsors, and club members!


    Topics Covered:


    -Sean's golf and speedgolf background

    -How to get Speedgolf buy-in from country club members

    -CASGO Tournament Results and Course Conditions

    -The broadening redefinition of golf

    -Developing a National Speedgolf Tour template and global Tournament Points System

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 057

    Episode 057

    Aussie Speedgolf Open Recap With Tournament Director Virginia Deigan


    Scott and Allan welcome Virginia Deigan back to the POC to discuss the results of last weekend's Aussie Speedgolf Open.


    Topics Covered:

    - Top Male and Female finishers

    - Growth of SG in Australia

    - International participation

    - Virginia's keys to grassroots growth

    - The merits of a biennial Speedgolf World Championships


    Congratulations to everyone involved in another successful tournament, especially the defending champions Mitch Williamson and Nicole Williamson.

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 056

    Episode 056

    New Zealand Speedgolf Open Tournament Recap Minipod


    In this minipod, Scott, Dude, and Allan weigh in on the final results of the 2017 NZ Speedgolf Open.


    Congratulations to everyone involved, especially the champion Steven Holloway!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 055

    Episode 055

    2017 Toro NZ Speedgolf Open Recap with Olympic Medalist Nick Willis


    Today we welcome back our first returning guest to the podcast. Episode 009 guest, and now 2-time Olympic Medalist, Nick Willis is back with us on the POC.


    Nick had just returned stateside after the long trek from New Zealand back to Michigan, so we appreciate him taking the time to recap last weekend's tournament.


    Beyond the event, we ask Nick his opinion on why NZ Golf has been so successful at growing participation in Speedgolf, and discuss other ways we can get more people involved in the sport.


    We also ask Nick about a new training program he has launched with his wife Sierra since returning from Rio. It's called MilerMethod.com. It's a one month training program to help you run your fastest mile ever. New sesssions starting soon. Check it out at MilerMethod.com

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 054

    Episode 054

    The Rules Of Golf: 2017 Proposed Updates


    In this episode, show hosts Scott Dawley and Allan Phillips break down the recently released 2017 Rules Of Golf Proposed Updates. Specifically, we focus on the correlation between the proposed changes and their affect on pace of play.


    We also ask the question: Did Speedgolf have any impact on any of the proposed rules changes?


    Here is the full list of proposed changes we used during the podcast. Follow along.

    Full List of Proposed Changes


    Support the game! Click on the link and take the R&A's feedback survey:

    R&A Feedback Survey


    Did you know Pace of Play is also an issue for America's other favorite pastime?

    MLB Pace Of Play IssueI

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 053

    Episode 053

    Spring 2017 Speedgolf Tournament Preview with Allan Phillips


    Spring is in, let the Speedgolf begin! Get ready with Allan Phillips in this POC Mini-pod highlighting upcoming Speedgolf Events around the world. Enjoy!


    Topics Include:


    New Zealand Speedgolf Open

    Australian Speedgolf Open

    California Speedgolf Open

    World Champion Jaime Young

    Track and Field Olympian Nick Willis

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 052

    Episode 052

    Andy Sanders, PGA Tour Caddy For Jimmy Walker


    “Andy was a world beater during his junior and college golf days,” Walker told PGATour.com. “(Lucas) Glover, (Charles) Warren and (Jonathan) Byrd, all these guys playing on Tour, were the names I heard growing up, and Andy Sanders was right up there with them.”


    Really special guest on today. I played college golf with Andy at University of Houston. We were roommates actually. He introduced me to my wife back in 2000. He was a groomsmen at our wedding in 2003. Andy was also the #1 player on our team, and was blazing a path to the PGA Tour, when a series crazy events forever changed his life.

    We see each other once a year now, each time he and Jimmy Walker roll through town for the Shell Houston Open. This year, if they play the SHO, they will do it with Jimmy as reigning PGA champion, which is also how they will enter the next week at Augusta for the first major since Baltusrol back in late July: The Masters.


    Topics Include:

    - Andy's Story -> http://bit.ly/2ko6V8v & http://bit.ly/2knXWEr

    - Butch Harmon & yearly goals for his stable of Tour players

    - The Masters

    - Tiger Woods

    - PGA Championship

    - PGA Tour Shot Tracker

    - The double edged sword of statistics

    - The importance of a good team

    - Winning the '16 PGA Championship

    - Playing Speedgolf at Tiger's event in the Bahamas

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 051

    Episode 051

    Pioneering Time-Priced Green Fees with Matt Tausig


    Matt Tausig has been getting a lot of attention from the golf media in the last few weeks. He’s a seasoned pga professional, and the DOG at a resort in Missouri. What his courses have begun offering is being described as diabolical and devious, if not genius, by national golf publications.


    So, what’s the deal with pay by the hour rates? I’m glad I reached out to Matt, and I think he is too. This is his chance to tell the whole story behind time-based green fees, a story that can’t be fully told or understood in a 300 word article. So, let’s get right into it.

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