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    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 107

    Episode 107

    2019 US National Champion Jason Hawkins – Part II


    Every second counts! We've said it before, we'll say it again. Because it's true, and because it's a big part of what makes competitive Speedgolf so thrilling.


    For that reason, Speedgolfers instinctively push their games to the limit. Who wants to lose by a few seconds knowing somewhere in the round they stopped giving 100%?


    It causes anguish when you're on the wrong side of the clock, and it feels exhilarating when the hands of time fall your way. Jason Hawkins, a fixture at the top of our sport, is familiar with both scenarios.

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 106

    Episode 106

    2019 US National Champion Jason Hawkins – Part I


    The Hawk is back on the POC, this time as the reigning US National Champion! Jason's evolution as one of the top Speedgolfers in the world is an inspiring journey of patient improvement and quiet confidence.


    In spite of several setbacks along the way, Hawkins has produced a career defining year with 3 wins in 4 starts in 2019, including the Vegas Extreme Challenge, the KYSGO, and most recently 3rd annual US Speedgolf Champs.


    In part I today, we discuss his golfing and fitness history, as well as his competitive road to the US Champs in Houston, Texas less than one month ago.

    Stay tuned for part II, where we cover his climb to a national championship victory over the last three years.

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 105

    Episode 105

    Ben Taylor, Speedgolf, & Nullarbor Links


    "The journey of a thousands miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu


    The longest course is in the world is in Australia. It's called Nullarbor Links and it traverses over 1,000 miles from the 1st tee to the 18th green. The idea for the course came from Alf Caputo and Bob Bongiorno over a bottle of red wine in a small roadhouse off the famed Eyre Highway.


    Since its official opening in 2009, few people have played the entire course at once. Nobody has ever thought to Speedgolf Nullarbor Links...until now.


    Ben Taylor, our very own POC host, will soon become the first person to attempt the 1,365km Speedgolf journey across the Nullarbor Plain. Why? BT explains it all in this episode of the POC.


    Show your support for BT! All funds raised will go directly to the Movember movement, a charitable foundation addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. You can give directly at https://au.movember.com 

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 104

    Episode 104

    Women's Speedgolf Ambassador Brooke Thrall


    We talk a lot on the POC about the personal benefits that Speedgolf offers golfers, runners, and anyone looking to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


    For some, Speedgolf provides that much needed 'me' time. For others it's a fast way to do something fun and fitness-oriented with friends.


    For Brooke Thrall – one of the most dedicated women in our sport, it's certainly a combination of both. But it's more than just those things. Brooke has found a way to leverage her passion for Speedgolf to help herself and at the same time others in need.


    On Sunday, September 8th Brooke will be raising money through the World Vision organization, which supplies children in need with clean and sustainable water for life. Her goal is to run 20 miles during and after the 22nd annual Bob-n-broc Speedgolf tournament at Rich Valley Golf Club in Rosemount, MN.


    Running that far requires months of training, sacrifice, and self-discipline, so let's rally around Brooke and help her achieve her goal of raising $10,000. Thanks for you support!


    Brooke's Team World Vision Donation page:


    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 103

    Episode 103

    Speedgolf SoCal Founder Garlin Smith - Part I


    It's going to happen: Speedgolf is destined to scale. Are we there yet? No. But the Master Plan has been put into action, and at its foundation is the grassroots methodology Garlin has employed over the years running Speedgolf SoCal.


    It hasn't been easy, but what Smith and so many other ambassadors around the country and world have discovered...it's so worth it! Enjoy the back half of our conversation with the 2017 SGUSA Ambassador of the Year, Garlin Smith.

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 102

    Episode 102

    Luke Willett the Square Banana - Part II


    "I find the incredible, the amazing can be actually a little mundane after a while. So it's important that we regularly challenge ourselves... to access that adventure side, the curiosity of the unknown."


    We're back with Luke Willett for part II of our conversation with the Square Banana. He's got a new challenge on the horizon, so let's find out what that is right now. Enjoy!

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 101

    Episode 101

    Luke Willett the Square Banana - Part I


    "What does adventure mean? Adventure is going into the unknown. The more often I think we can do this, the better we all are as individuals, the more we're going to learn, and the further we're going to go." Luke Willett is back on the POC. Enjoy Part I with the Square Banana.

    Topics Covered:

    7 Day Speedgolf Challenge

    British Speedgolf Championships - July 28th

    To visit the championship webpage, click here

    Host venue - Foxhills GC

    Stay tuned for Part II where we dig deeper into the Square Banana philosophy of golf and life, and how Luke is making a positive impact applying curiosity and a sense of adventure to the game of Speedgolf.

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