• 2019 Speedgolf Power Rankings

    6th release - January 6th, 2020


    The only player-supported, data-driven, voter-backed, ISGA-endorsed* global Speedgolf ranking system


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  • About The Rankings

    6th Edition released 1/6/20

    The Purpose

    1. To bring awareness to the competitive sport of Speedgolf by stimulating discussion among fans, media, and the global sporting community. 
    2. To extend the virtual reach of Speedgolf events worldwide, beyond the select few championships in which top players compete at the same venue.
    3. To add further credibility to the ongoing growth of Speedgolf, by showcasing the top players' world-class talent, just as other sports that also have world rankings.

    The Process

    To be considered active for ranking in 2020, a player must have competed in at least two officially-sanctioned Speedgolf events from 2018 to 2020.*


    A select group of Speedgolf insiders are invited to vote on a list of the top active professional and amateur Speedgolfers. These insiders include National Speedgolf Organization (NSGO) directors, players, ambassadors, informed media, and proven fans of the sport.


    Beginning in 2018, the POC adopted a pod-based voting system. This enabled performance data to assume a larger role in determining the rankings, rather than voter sentiment (informed or uninformed) or pure finishing position. The metrics used to determine pod assignments include, but are not limited to:

    • Heavier weighting to more recent events
    • Strength of field
    • Head to head results
    • Performance consistency

    The final rankings represent the consensus vote compiled from all ballots submitted by the deadline.


    *players with only 1 event are included if they finished winner or runner-up in a national or world championship

    The Potential

    The Speedgolf Power Rankings are NOT an Official Ranking like the Official World Golf Ranking on the men’s professional golf tours (PGA Tour, European PGA Tour, Asian Tour, and several more). However, as Speedgolf activity increases worldwide, future rankings will continue to evolve to become more similar to the official-style of performance rankings.


    For now, a data-driven, voter-backed process as described above best captures the subtleties of ranking top players that may be missed in a purely mathematical formula.

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