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    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 050

    Episode 050

    Speedgolf Power Rankings Update Show


    2016 was another great year for the sport of Speedgolf. To cap off the season properly, and to get players and fans motivated for the year ahead, the POC has just released the second edition of The Speedgolf Power Rankings.


    In this episode the POC team discusses the updated rankings, player-by-player.


    Congratulations to all players on the list. The next rankings update is slated to occur on 04.15.17, shortly after the New Zealand and Australia championships and a US event in California.



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 049

    Episode 049

    Impromptu Call With Multi-course Operator Josh Heptig


    Welcome back to the POC! As usual, we are broadcasting the evolution of Golf in the 21st century. In order to accomplish our mission, we profile and interview the pioneers, entrepreneurs, innovators, yes the game changers in and around the golf industry.

    We've talked about FootGolf with the founders of the AFGL, interviewed the creator of FlingGolf, and covered the Speedgolf World Championships. Entrepreneurs, tech innovators, human performance experts, and world class athletes have been on the show. To sum it up, we turn on the mic and let the future of Golf come out.


    When you really get down to it, how and when the game practically evolves hinges one very important group of gatekeepers. It's their collective worldview and mindset that ultimately determines the world's view and mindset of what can happen when you spend time (and money) at a golf facility. Our guest today once surveyed 500 golfers, asking them to provide one word descriptions of Golf. One person out of five hundred, 1/500, wrote FUN.


    Hopefully the POC has revealed there is no shortage of new and exciting alternatives, or cutting edge technologies, or game changing products and services tailored to meet the demands of the busy, modern day lifestyle. The possibilities are endless!

    But in the end, the buck stops with the golf course owners and operators. They are the real industry 'sharks' that decides to adopt or dismiss, to invite or decline. They are in control of the pace of change!


    Recently I've been getting more and more messages, emails, and phone calls from golf course operators ready to begin offering strategic blocks of time on the tee sheet to attract 'faster' golfers. Josh Heptig, manager of 3 golf courses in San Luis Obispo, CA, contacted the POC after hearing about Speedgolf USA on Babbittville radio.

    Side note - I fondly remember a time (ha ha - like a year ago) when I would call a golf course and have to explain that playing fast has actually become 'a thing', a real sport called Speedgolf. To be fair, every GM and golf professional I've talked to has responded with openness and curiosity, even if Speedgolf wasn't a feasible option because of capacity issues, pricing, prohibitive terrain, or some other reasonable restraint. Not one has rejected it outright.


    This podcast is a little different than others. I decided to record my return phone call with Josh, with his permission of course, and give listeners the chance to hear an unscripted conversation with a forward thinking course operator. The audio quality is diminished, but I'm hoping the quality of our organic conversation more than makes up for it.


    If you liked what you heard, Josh and I have a request for you. Share this episode with a member of the professional staff where you play. Thank you in advance, and here's to faster golf in 2017!



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 048

    Episode 048

    Speedgolf Texas Pro-Am Recap Show With Champion Jason Hawkins


    And...we're back! In the first podcast of 2017, the POC team interviews Speedgolf Texas Pro-Am champion Jason Hawkins.


    The other winner on New Year's Eve - a new tournament format we launched -> Speedgolf Heats. It's a hot topic, so tune in and enjoy!


    Topics Covered

    -Congratulations to tournament champion Jason Hawkins

    -Explanation of Speedgolf Heats Format

    -Positives and criticisms of Speedgolf Heats compared to traditional Speedgolf

    -Breakdown of the action from Heat 1, Heat 7, and Heat 8

    -How to work with golf course superintendents



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 047

    Episode 047

    The Perfect Speedgolf Round with Chris Hundhausen


    In his first mini-pod episode, sports analytics guru and computer science professor Chris Hundhausen explains how to play a perfect Speedgolf round.


    Learn how to set up and perform the perfect imaginary round, as well as how to decipher the results by comparing it to your personal record.



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 046

    Episode 046

    Hosts Introduce New Content Contributors - Part II


    We continue our discussion with the newest members of the POC team. Enjoy!


    Topics Covered in Part II

    - How deep should we allow modern technology to entrench itself into the sport of Speedgolf?

    - WITB with Chris Hundhausen

    - Do Speedgolfers hit it farther or shorter in comparison to a traditional round?

    - Playing traditional golf with less than 14 clubs

    - Speedgolf playing state

    - Limits of technology

    - Beyond a USGA-based rules system

    - How far is too far?

    - Hogan's secret

    - Bags on green rules debate


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 045

    Episode 045

    Hosts Introduce New Content Contributors​ - Part I


    This week we announce the addition of two new contributors to the Pace Of Change team. First, former show guest, professional Speedgolfer, the man behind the Speedgolf Power Rankings, Allan Phillips is joining the POC. Second, a computer science professor, amateur Speedgolfer, and soon to be man behind the world's first Speedgolf specific application, Chris Hundhausen joins Dude, Allan, and myself.


    Topics Covered in Part I:

    -2 new POC contributors

    -Allan Phillips & Christopher Hundhausen

    -Human-Computer Interaction

    -Sports Analytics

    -Speedgolf Scoring App

    -Golf vs Running Efficiency

    -Speedgolf Data Points


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 044

    Episode 044

    2016 Speedgolf World Champion Jaime Young - Part II


    Welcome back to The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast. We continue our interview with Jaime Young. Enjoy!


    Topics Covered:

    Professional vs Amateur Speedgolf status

    Speedgolf strategy

    Giving back

    How to grow Speedgolf

    The future of the sport


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 043

    Episode 043

    2016 Speedgolf World Champion Jaime Young - Part I


    What's up, golfers? October is Speedgolf Month on the POC, and this week, right now, we’ve got the 2016 Speedgolf World Champion on the podcast, Jaime Young.


    At the age of 52, Jaime outpaced a stellar field including 2-time world champ, Rob Hogan, Mack McLain, Wes Cupp, Jason Hawkins, and Allan Phillips to win his 2nd speedgolf event, and become the oldest world champion in the events 5 years history.



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 042

    Episode 042

    2016 Speedgolf World Championships Recap Show


    Speedgolfers, we have a new World Champion! That’s right, at the top of the field 2-time winner, defending champion, and world #1 Rob Hogan finished in 4th, less than 1 stroke behind 3rd place Mack McLain and 2nd place Wes Cupp. But in the end nobody could not catch up to #8 ranked Jaime Young, who himself into the round 1 lead with a record tying 72, even par performance. In the final round Jaime kept a clean speedgolf scorecard, no high numbers, just 5 bogeys, and the rest pars to capture his second win, and at the age of 52, his first World Championship!


    After the event, I caught up with Dude Spellings and Allan Phillips, who finished 6th this year, to recap world championship week while the experience was fresh for them. There are some great insights here, so let’s get to it.


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 041

    Episode 041

    2016 Speedgolf World Championship Pre-Event Player Interviews


    Dude Spellings is on the ground in Glenview, IL not only capturing all the World Championship action, but playing for the third time as an age-group competitor. Today we bring you pre event interviews with 4 elite Speedgolfers, three of them are previous podcast guests:


    Interviews Include:

    Jaacob Bowden

    Allan Phillips (#2 SPR)

    Mack McLain (#3 SPR)

    Troy Levier


    Topics Include:

    Green Speeds

    Rough Height

    Course conditions

    Weather Forecast

    Course Strategy

    WITB - What’s In The Bag




    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 040

    Episode 040

    2016 Speedgolf Power Rankings Men 1-5 & Women 1-3


    In part 3 of this mini pod series, co-hosts Dude and Scott along with rankings co-creator Allan Phillips breakdown the top 5 players on the men's list:


    05 - Wess Cupp | 04 - Mack McLain | 03 - Scott Dawley | 02 - Allan Phillips | 01 - Rob Hogan


    We also breakdown the top 3 on the women's list:

    03 - Catherine Marsot | 02 - Lauren Cupp | 01 - Gretchen Johnson


    They provide a brief player-by-player analysis, offer the listeners expert insights into the efficiency of the head to head stat, and talk about the difference between having a tournament mindset or a race mindset at this year's World Championship.


    Will Rob Hogan and Gretchen Johnson defend their titles yet again, will Eri Crum regain his, or will we crown a new champion at this year's World Championship?

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 039

    Episode 039

    2016 Speedgolf Power Rankings Men 6-10


    In part 2 of this mini pod series, co-hosts Dude and Scott along with rankings co-creator Allan Phillips breakdown the middle third of the men's list, numbers 6-10.


    10 - Jason Hawkins | 09 - Mitch Williamson | 08 - Jaime Young | 7 - Joe Matsui | 6 - Eri Crum


    They provide a brief player-by-player analysis, offer the listeners expert insights into the subtleties of the Power Rankings, and look toward this year's World Championship as an event which will definitely shake up the order of merit.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 038

    Episode 038

    2016 Speedgolf Power Rankings Men 11-15


    In part 1 of this mini pod series, co-hosts Dude and Scott along with rankings co-creator Allan Phillips breakdown the bottom third of the list, numbers 11-15.


    11 - Nick Willis | 12 - Jordan Zwick | 13 - Mark Stockamp | 14 - Steve Vancil | 15 - Richard Olsen


    They provide a brief player by player analysis, and speculate about their performance potential at next week's Speedgolf World Championships. Which players are trending, and which ones need to watch out!!


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 037

    Episode 37

    2016 Speedgolf Power Rankings Release


    More and more people are asking, "Who are the top-ranked Speedgolfers in the world?" Until now, the answer has pretty much been..."umm, Rob Hogan!"


    So, The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast recently sponsored a voter-driven, player-supported, data-backed ranking to answer that question. The results are in!!


    And as of right now, the results are published on our website at www.paceofchange.com.

    What we’re going to do in this episode is explain the circumstances that led to the rankings even coming about, what the purposes are for the rankings, how they were derived, and the potential of the rankings as the sport continues to grow globally.


    Then, tomorrow we will be releasing Ep 038, which will be Dude, myself, and Allan Phillips breaking down the rankings for you player by player, and giving you our insights into how each player is trending, and how they might perform if they bring their A game next week.


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 036

    Episode 036

    Professional Speedgolfer Mack McLain - Part 2


    Enjoy Part II of our interview with Professional Speedgolfer Mack McLain.


    Topics Include

    Understanding racing dynamics

    Introduction to Speedgolf

    World Championship course layout

    Handling injuries and disappointements

    Equipment strategy



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 035

    Episode 035

    Professional Speedgolfer Mack McLain


    Today we bring you part 1 with professional Speedgolfer Mack McLain. Mack finished 3rd in the Speedgolf world championship last year, and is looking to improve upon that position this year. We cover a wide range of topics, like the recent Ryder Cup win for the USA, the Speedgolf flow state, and yes, even the beer mile.


    Topics Include:


    Geotechnical engineering

    Childhood golf with dad

    Ryder Cup

    Speedgolf Flow State

    Driving Range Game


    Beer Mile

    Race day preparation

    Nick Willis



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 034

    Episode 034

    Speedgolf Austin Director Paras Shah - Part II


    Enjoy Part II of our interview with Speedgolf Austin Director Paras Shah.


    Topics Include

    Training preparations for the World Championships

    Elements of an effective Speedgolf Strategy



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 033

    Episode 033

    Speedgolf Austin Director Paras Shah


    Today we interview the new Director of Speedgolf Austin, Paras Shah.


    Paras played his first round of Speedgolf only a few months ago. Like so many others before him, it clicked. The dots lined up. Speedgolf made perfect sense. So he registered for the 2016 Speedgolf World Championship, and got invited as a first time participant. With blazing fast speed, Paras could be a factor at the top of the leaderboard.


    Over the summer, Paras and Dude started a weekly morning Speedgolf workout, and it's been attracting runners, golfers, and many young Austin entrepreneurs looking for new, creative and challenging ways to stay fit outdoors with friends, and still get to work on time.


    Topics Include

    Benefits of Speedgolf

    Developing your own Speedgolf strategy

    Training preparations for the World Championship

    Kevin Na plays Speedgolf at the Tour Championship



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 032

    Episode 032

    Vision Golf - Wayne Bosley Part II


    We continue our conversation with Wayne Bosley of Vision Golf. Click on the image above to listen. Enjoy!



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 031

    Episode 031

    Vision Golf Australia Co-Founder - Wayne Bosley Part I


    Today’s guest comes from the land of OZ, we’re talking with the BOZ from OZ, junior that is. The son of accomplished Australian amateur golfer, Bill Bosley, an accomplished golfer in his own right, part of a golfing family that reaches back over 50 years into the very fabric of the game in australia. We’ve got Wayne Bosley, of Vision Golf - Australia here on the Pace Of Change Golf Podcast!


    Vision Golf has been enhancing the visibility of golf balls since 2004. They’ve come a long way in 12 years. The tech, engineering, and creative thinking behind Vision Golf balls is pretty amazing. It’s not as simple as chemistry and ball flight laws. But this isn’t a podcast about how Wayne has manufactured the best ball you’ve never played. Believe me, Wayne knows more about golf balls, and the golf ball industry than maybe anyone in the world. Not an overstatement.


    But we didn’t talk as much about how to manufacture a better ball, or play a better game, as much as we dove right into the deep side of running a business...and being alive. The place inside where the groundbreaking innovations come from, the long journey that lies ahead of any wide-eyed start-up founder. Taking advantage of the bad lies. Bouncing back from the unfortunate bounces. Knowing when to play it down, and knowing when to pick up, take the x, and head to the next hole.

    How do we manufacture a life worth living. How do we perform better at the game of life?


    The vision behind Vision? Not how a ball can make your game better, though it should. But, for the Bosleys, the question that drives them is how do they make a ball...that makes your life better.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 030

    Episode 030

    Futurist, Innovation and Trends Expert Jim Carroll


    At The Pace Of Change, we like to think of the future as our chosen field of play. It's definitely fun and games around here, but we also want to make an impact in the world of 21st century Golf. So how do we know we are on the right track, interviewing the right guests, promoting the right products, and reaching the right audience? You do what we did, and invite Jim Carroll onto the podcast.


    Jim is a leading keynote speaker to the world's biggest organizations and Fortune 500 companies: Nasa, Disney, Gap, Lockheed Martin, The PGA of America, and I'll just stop here. His message: the future belongs to those who are...fast!


    We cover his personal golf journey, what it takes to be a futurist, his expert outlook on where the game we all love is headed, and how critical the role of technology will play in attracting the next generation of gamer's...I mean, golfers.


    website: jimcarroll.com

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 030

    Episode 029

    George Gankas aka @ggswingtips on Instagram


    Like so many dedicated PGA instructors, George Gankas spends 5 days a week, 12 hours a day, on the practice mat helping juniors, beginners, and Tour pros alike improve their swing mechanics and maximize their performance psychology. Except George never went through the PGA program.


    George Gankas is doing swing instruction on his own terms, and that's exactly why I knew I had to have him on the podcast. Fortunately he agreed to meet, and so we blocked off the 1 open hour left in his schedule the week I was passing through town.


    Not long ago he reluctantly took a friend's advice and posted a couple short clips of his instruction on Instagram. Today, his account @ggswingtips has more than 44k followers. It's not just because his teaching methods are unorthodox. He's not buying fake followers either. He's so popular because his students get results, and they get them faster with George than with anyone else.


    For those who love breaking down the golf swing, swing theory, angles and lines, and Trackman data, this podcast is for you. Enjoy!



    Use promo code 'dawgolf' for 15% off his online coaching program!


    Topics Include:

    George Gankas

    Chris Como

    Dustin Johnson

    Matt Every

    Sergio Garcia

    Tiger Woods

    Curtis Strange

    Greg Norman

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 028

    Episode 028

    FlingGolf Founder Alex Van Alen

    The game of golf is unique in so many ways. The size of the playing field, the inherent beauty of the surroundings, and what excites us most here at the POC: Golf + almost any other game = an entirely new, unique, and exciting sport!


    This week Alex Van Alen walks us through the short but FAST-inating story of the sport of FlingGolf, from inception in 2012 to international recognition today. What is FlingGolf, you ask? Well, think lacrosse on a golf course and you've got it.


    Check out FlingGolf.com for more information

    Be sure to use the code: IG2000 for a discount at checkout!


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 001

    Episode 027

    The Hosts Summer Recap Show


    And we are back! Did you miss us? We enjoyed our summer vacation, how about you? Get ready for another round of weekly podcasts with entertaining, insightful, and inspiring guests in the world of 21st century golf. In this episode, the show hosts take a moment to catch up on what transpired over the summer, and prepare you for a great Fall lineup.


    Topics include:

    -Olympic Golf pace of play

    -The latest developments in the world of Alternative Golf Experiences, like Speedgolf and Footgolf,

    -Nike's exit from Golf equipment manufacturing


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 026

    Episode 026

    Freestyle Golf Specialist Ryan Rustand


    On Instagram you know him as the trick shot artist, @coach_rusty. Ryan Rustand performs sick, amazing golf trickshots and juggling feats. It's his passion. Why? There's a lifetime of reasons, and no way to explain it at the same time.


    The truth is, Ryan is pioneering a new movement in the game, and it's gonna be huge! Now you can say you knew Ryan when. Enjoy!


    Topics and Social Mentions

    Golf Academy of America

    US Kids Golf

    Wounded Warrior Project

    Growing The Game

    Golf Channel Academy



    Josh Kelly (@holeinonetrickshots)




    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 026

    Episode 025

    Competitor Group Co-Founder Bob Babbitt


    As a multisport pioneer and media mogul, and someone who popularized Speedgolf in the 90’s, he’s somebody I’m pretty much trying to become like. So if you’ve listened to previous podcasts, this episode will feel a bit different in nature. First of all, he called me from his radio station, so even though I was technically doing the interview, it sounds like he’s the host and I’m the guest on the line.


    I usually try to keep the listener in mind during a podcast, and a list of relevant questions to ask, but with Bob, all that went out the window. It quickly became a personal phone call, a mentoring session in a way, that we forgot we were recording. From someone who’s already done it, to someone who wants to do it, this episode contains a blueprint for growing golf in the 21st century by doing what he said in the intro: changing perceptions. Golf is a fitness sport.


    Follow Bob Babbitt



    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bob.babbitt.3

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bob_Babbitt



    Xtreme Golf / Speedgolf Articles from the 90's/00's


    Adventures in Extreme Golf: Incredible Tales on the Links from ...

    Speed golf fits busy golfers to a tee | chronicle.augusta.com

    The fast and the curious / Speed golf adds new dimension to old sport ...

    Golfing for masochists | San Diego Reader

    Playing Run-and-shoot Takes Golf To Extremes - tribunedigital ...

    THE GOLF REPORT - Speeding Up Play - Rounds on the Run ...


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 024

    Episode 024

    The Hosts Talk Golf Beyond The USGA


    Golf suffered a setback on Sunday with the rules decision by the USGA to penalize Dustin Johnson one stroke when his ball inadvertently moved as he prepared to putt. It was a decision that has been unanimously unpopular by Dustin’s fellow PGA Tour players, and golf fans all over the world.

    We’ll break that down today, but more importantly, we want to take this opportunity to move beyond the negative talk, and use this situation as a way to encourage all golfers everywhere that golf is a sport like many others that can be played in a variety of forms and formats. Like any other game, as long as the players can agree on a set of rules, those rules DO NOT have to align perfectly with the sports competitive governing body, ie the USGA or R&A.


    Topics Include:

    US Open

    PGA Tour


    Dustin Johnson

    Jason Day

    Steve Lowry

    Brad Faxon

    Fox Sports



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 023

    Episode 023

    British Speedgolf Ambassador Steve Jeffs


    We all 'know' Golf is 90% mental. Nobody questions that cliche.... But is it, really? A sports psychologist will argue that all day long, but if you ask a child, or a beginner, do you think they would agree?


    That’s not what I remember Golf being like when I was growing up. I sucked at golf, my swing was long, way across the line at the top, but I didn’t know it, and honestly I didn’t really care. I just couldn’t wait for the next swing when I made perfect contact, and felt that indescribable feeling we’ve all experienced.


    So, is it possible the heart of the game has been sacrificed at the altar of the mind. The mystery of performance at the altar of science?


    Steve didn’t know why he loved Speedgolf after finishing his first round, sweating, heart beating a mile a minute, out of breath...useless even. I’ll tell you why. Steve was playing from the heart, and golf is a sport that is meant to be played from the heart. Just like life is meant to be lived from the heart.


    It’s why I play Speedgolf, it’s the main reason we started this podcast. It’s not about success, or metrics, or money. It’s about love. And love is not 90% mental, it’s all heart.


    Follow Steve:

    Facebook: here

    Twiiter: @JeffsSteve

    Instagram: @speedgolfsteve


    Topics Include:

    Football (Soccer)

    Rob Hogan



    Royal & Awesome Golf Apparel



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 022

    Episode 022

    Hozl.com Founder Brad Powers


    In the next 5 to 10 years the game of golf is going to undergo some major transformations. In fact, it’s already happening, and every week we’re bringing you guests like Brad Powers. Like most of us, Brad has had enough. But instead of complain about the state of the game, Brad founded a startup venture called Hozl.com, a remote golf lesson platform that makes swing instruction easy, time efficient, and most importantly, affordable. But that’s just step 1 of Brad’s master plan to speed up play, lower the financial barriers to entry, and make Golf more fun and exciting in the process.


    Follow Brad & Hozl.com:

    Website: www.Hozl.com

    Special listener discount: 'earlybirdie' for $10 off. 

    Golf News Net Article: http://thegolfnewsnet.com/hozl-app/

    Facebook: /hozlgolf

    Twitter: @hozlfounder


    Episode Topics Include:

    Swing Instruction

    Golf TEC

    Adam Scott


    Pace of Play



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 021

    Episode 021

    Innovative Golf Revolutionary Rob O'Loughlin


    Our guest today, Rob O’Loughlin, has played a major role in revolutionizing the way we all play golf. Not once, but twice, and as you’re about to discover, he’s not finished yet. So who is Rob O’Loughlin?


    Well, you may have heard of the company he used to run, it’s called Softspikes. Yes, the makers of the plastic cleats that go on the bottom of nearly every golf shoe made for the last 20 years. He’s also the owner of laser link golf, the original makers of hand held laser range finders for golf. Much like our former guest, Bret Blakely of OnCoreGolf, Rob endured a 5 year battle with golf’s governing bodies to allow the use of range finders for amateur and recreational play. We'll get into his history, the ways he revolutionized the game, and then take a look into the future through his eyes.


    As a special offer to our listeners, Rob is offering an amazing 25% off all products on his website. Just find what you're interested in, and enter “PACEOFCHANGE” (under Coupon Code) to get 25% off the listed price.




    If you run into any challenges please don't hesitate to call 1-866-909-4653 and ask for Rae Austin.


    Follow Rob & Laser Link Golf:


    Laser Link Golf On Facebook






    Bill Yates & Pace Manager Systems




    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 020

    Episode 020

    Elite Ultra Running Champion Kirstin Bull


    What's up golfer's everywhere! And runners if you're listening in. You just heard our special guest this week: non-golfer, cardiac education specialist by day, and elite ultra running champion by day and night, ('cause she runs so far), Kirstin Bull. Kirstin recently became the new Australian record holder in the 100km distance. She broke the previous record by running the equivalent of a 7:22 mile pace for...62 miles.


    That's like running the better part of Long Island, or the LA coastline from Santa Monica to Newport Beach, or San Francisco to San Jose. And all she had to do was run about 1 second faster per mile than her predecessor. Another case where we find it's the little things done repeatedly over long distances or periods of time that separate the champion from the pack, or you from your next personal best result!


    There is no doubt elite ultra running champion Kirstin Bull is an inspiration to many in her sport, but I know what you may be thinking. This is a golf-themed podcast. Aren't we supposed to be discussing Golf? Where in the world does Golf fit into the runner's story?


    Here's the truth, golfers out there. Kirstin is a non-golfer...and it would probably stay that way permanently if it weren't for a unique style of play she recently discovered that actually complements the runner's lifestyle. It's called Speedgolf. Let's find out more about it. Are you ready? We do it fast, we make it fun, so turn it up and enjoy episode 20 with elite ultra running champion, Australian Kirstin Bull.


    Follow Kirstin Bull:


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 001

    Episode 019

    Speedgolf Australia Founder Virginia Deigan


    Virginia Deigan is the Founder of Speedgolf Australia. She's also a close friend and trusted colleague in our common mission to grow the sport of Speedgolf, and more broadly, to grow participation in the game through Alternative Golf Experiences.


    Golf, as it is currently defined. But is that changing? We discuss Virginia's journey from beginner golfer in her 30's to Founder of Speedgolf Australia in 2013. But we also talk about the increasing necessity for golf course operators to open their property to non-traditional golf activities.


    To that end she has forged a close relationship with Australia's preeminent Golf body, Golf Australia, and is already beginning to work with golf courses throughout the country to implement Speedgolf into their operation.

    Always a pleasure to speak with Virginia, and a very special guest that we hope to also have on the podcast soon. Turn it up and enjoy episode 19 with the Founder of Speedgolf Australia, Virginia Deigan.


    Speedgolf Australia Website: www.speedgolfaustralia.com.au

    Facebook: http://goo.gl/RRBpQG

    Twitter: @speedgolfaus

    Jaacob Bowden GolfWRX.com Speedgolf Article: http://goo.gl/RRBpQG



    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 018

    Episode 018

    RealiTee Golf Creator Dave Shultz


    Get ready for today’s guest, Dave Shultz! Dave is the embodiment of a life permanently altered by asking questions like, “If I knew I couldn’t fail what would I do? Or this one, “If money were no object, what would I create or build?” And “How will I leave my mark on the world?” Sure, we have all answered those question for ourselves in our minds. But Dave Shultz, as you’re about to find out, KNOWS he can’t fail with his new golfing concept, RealiTee Golf.


    Just 14 months into the process, this concept, this tech savvy, beginner friendly, business appropriate, multi-use indoor/outdoor hybrid golf facility is what he would build if money were no object. And making RealiTee a massive success is Dave’s way of giving back to the game he instantly fell in love with at the age of 10. What exactly is RealiTee Golf? Are you ready? We do it fast, we make it fun, so turn it up and enjoy episode 18 with the Creator of RealiTee Golf, Dave Shultz.


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 017

    Episode 017

    National Golf Course Owners Assn CEO Jay Karen


    What’s up golfers, everywhere? Welcome back to episode 17 of The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast where we are broadcasting the evolution of golf in the 21st century.  


    This is a critical episode for us. Why? Because up until now we’ve been highlighting the 21st golf century entrepreneur. Those on the fringe, working tirelessly to bring their innovative ideas, services, and products into the mainstream. But what about the gatekeepers, those within the industry? We haven’t heard a ping response. We know what entrepreneurs want to bring to the game, but do we know how the leaders in the industry are responding?  


    Well, now we do. This is the crossover episode. Not only is our guest today, Jay Karen, CEO of the NCGOA, hard at work on the ground, building strong relationships with and serving his 3,000+ owner operator members, his position earns him a seat at golf’s biggest, most influential tables. You can imagine who else is sitting around them. Most importantly, golfers, Jay is one of us.  Are you ready? We do it fast, we make it fun, turn it up and enjoy our conversation with NGCOA Chief Executive Officer - Jay Karen.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 017

    Episode 016

    NG360 Nike Golf Performance Specialist Logan K Schwartz


    Our guest this week is NG360 Nike Golf Performance Specialist Logan K. Schwartz. Logan shoulders an impressive and continually mounting list of accolades in the fields of strength and conditioning and human performance optimization. He also happens to love golf. That makes Logan the perfect Pace Of Change Golf podcast guest.


    A super-informative discussion, worth another listen for sure. I feel so fortunate to sit down with guys like Logan, who have such a passion for what they’re doing. I definitely need to take his sleep challenge.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 15

    Episode 015

    The Hosts Talk Slow Play


    What’s up golfer’s everywhere? Welcome to the pace of change! We do it fast, we make it fun. This week your hosts talk slow play at The Masters, and beyond.


    Episode 015 Topics Include:

    The Masters

    Jordan Spieth

    Bryson Dechambeau

    Brandt Snedeker

    Single Length Irons - Sterling

    Jaacob Bowden

    Allan Phillips

    Cameron McCormack

    USGA Bureaucracy

    Corporatization of Golf

    Measurement Principle of Management

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 014

    Episode 014

    Golf Ball Locator App Creator Tony Pawlak


    What’s up golfers everywhere? Welcome back to Episode 14. We all send the occasional fly ball into someone’s backyard. Unfortunate, but understandable. We can account for that. But how many of our rounds have been sabotaged by the dreaded in-bounds lost ball? Few things are more upsetting on a golf course than missing a fairway or green, only to search for 5 minutes without any luck.


    Our guest this week, Tony Pawlak, finally had enough of it, so what did he do? He quit the game. No!! Over the last 9 months Tony has spent his life savings searching for and finding the one developer who shared his vision for using smartphone technology to save golfers heaps of time, money, and frustration. Tony created a golf ball locator app. No GPS, no shiney colors, just a stroke of genius from the mind of a 21st century golf entrepreneur.


    Golf Ball Locator App. That's right! You heard it here first. That's what we're all about. Be sure to sign up for their mailing list at golfballlocatorapp.com.


    Golf Ball Locator App mailing list: golfballlocatorapp.com

    Twiiter | Instragram - @Golfballlocator

    Facebook - /golfballlocator



    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 013

    Episode 013

    GPS Industries Field Engineer Chris Vizzerra


    This week our guest is Chris Vizzerra, avid golfer and field engineer for GPS Industries, the manufacturers of golf cart GPS systems. We were interested in having Vizz on the podcast because he’s got his boots on the ground, shaking hands with the owners and operators of golf courses from Japan to the Carribean, and Canada to South America.

    To learn more about Vizz and his company, GPS Industries, visit http://www.visagegolf.com/

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 012

    Episode 012

    OnCore Golf Founder Bret Blakely - Part 2


    We are back this week with OnCoreGolf Co-founder, Bret Blakely. Last week we set up the backstory for you. This week Bret relives their epic battle with the USGA, and gets us up to speed on have far they’ve come and the success they are beginning to enjoy. 


    Remember, as a special discount for our loyal listeners, head to our website, paceofchange.com, for access to a discount on OnCore’s products. Buy a dozen golf balls, see if their technology makes a difference in your game, support OnCore’s mission to grow the game through innovation.


    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 011

    Episode 011

    OnCore Golf Co-Founder Bret Blakely - Part 1


    The innovators of today create the standards of tomorrow. What we see transpiring in the golf industry is part of a much larger, dynamic, and natural tug of war between progress and stability. The decline in participation over the last 5 years has created an economic vacuum, and entrepreneurs like Blakely are setting up shop at the intersection of these two forces, creating solutions to the biggest problems golfer’s face in today’s world.


    In Bret's case, the company he co-founded in 2009 with his close friend Steve Colton, OnCore Golf, has a clear mission: grow the game by designing a golf ball that helps the player score better, more often, and therefore have more fun in less time. OnCore’s patented technology dares to spare us those precious, valuable inches and feet, but the promise didn’t come easily. I was personally inspired by Bret’s story, and I hope you are too.


    As a special discount for our loyal listeners, head to our website, paceofchange.com, for access to a discount on OnCore’s products. Buy a dozen golf balls or something, see if their technology makes a difference in your game, support OnCore’s mission to grow the game through innovation.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 010

    Episode 010

    1991 US Triathlon National Champion


    25 years ago Brad Kearns was in the prime of his pro triathlete career. It's 1991, he enters 16 races, 16 races he finishes in the top 3, racks up 9 victories, including the US National Championship. 


    It kind of sounds like I’m talking about Brad’s glory days. I mean, this was a quarter century ago. And maybe, you’re beginning to think, is this a podcast about a guy who used to be great, and we’re going to wax nostalgic about the early days of triathlon, and coincidentally, the earliest days of Speedgolf as we know it?

    Brad would definitely say his strategy in triathlons relied on his strength in the latter legs of the race. He was better on the bike than in the water, and better on his feet than in the saddle. When you look back on the last 25 years of Brad’s life though, a similar pattern begins to emerge.


    Now 50 years old, Brad is not only just as competitive with his peer group in things like the high jump(5’3”), the 400 meters (under a minute), the 100 meter sprint (13 seconds), but he’s continually excelling in all areas of work and life. As a longtime Speedgolfer, Brad recently shot 83 in 51 minutes at the 2014 SGWC, good for 20th place in the professional division, and repeated his 20th place finish in 2015 as well. You see, the astonishing thing about Brad’s life is, he’s accomplished so much, and yet his glory days are nowhere to be found.


    Since 2008, Brad has been deeply involved in a comprehensive lifestyle movement known as the Primal Blueprint. He’s worked closely with it’s creator on several books, most recently as co-author of Primal Endurance. Coincidentally, I gotta mention Brad is also a fellow podcaster, hosting the Primal Blueprint Podcast, and Primal Endurance podcast. I highly recommend them.


    And there’s more. My goodness, so much more. Do you see what I mean now? The bright light in Brad’s life is somewhere up the road, the glory days are part of a story Brad can’t tell yet, because although he’s lived an inspiring, powerful and vibrant life over the last 50 years, his best is yet to come.


    BradKearns.com - here

    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 009

    Episode 009

    Silver Medal Olympian Nick Willis


    In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, running with an undiagnosed hip and knee injury, Nick Willis emerged from the pack down the home stretch of the 1500m finals, passed three runners, and earned a Silver Medal for his valiant effort. A few months later, after a well-deserved break from running, Nick discovered Speedgolf as a way to ease back into his training regimen, and he fell in love with the sport after an exceptional round of 79 in 44 minutes his first time out.


    What you’re gonna find out about Nick Willis in the next hour is that he’s not just committed to being an exceptional athlete, at the expense of other areas of his life, like being a husband and father. On the contrary, Nick is committed to a much higher calling, that of being an exceptional human being. What we watch him accomplish on television is just the outpouring of a lifestyle he employs behind the scenes on a daily basis. It’s a lifestyle that emphasizes self-awareness, balance, gratitude, appreciation, trust, and support. For him, maximum energy is derived from a clean and balanced body, and maximum output is the result of a pure and clean conscience. Whether you’re a golfer, or a runner, we all stand to learn a lot from this Olympian who’s been through the ups and downs of sport and life, and has managed to find meaning in every moment, and has continued to ask the most of himself every single day. It was a real honor to have Nick on the podcast, so I hope you enjoy it.


    Show Nick your support by liking his athlete page on facebook, again that’s facebook.com/willisrunning. He’s definitely in the mix for a medal in the 1500m at the Olympic games this August in Rio.


    Follow Nick Willis:

    Wikipedia Entry: Nick Willis

    Facebook: /WillisRunning

    Twitter: @nickwillis


    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 008

    Episode 008

    Professional Golf Entrepreneur Jaacob Bowden


    Welcome to Episode 8. Today we’re talking with Jaacob Bowden. It was actually hard to nail down an appropriate title for exactly what it is he does. Let’s just say, in the world of golf, he’s pretty much done it all. Jaacob is someone who understands the value of writing down his goals and plans, and then pursuing them step by step until achieved.


    Take for example, his goal of becoming a professional golfer. You’d probably guess this was his childhood dream, something he fantasized about since he was a kid. Not exactly. Jaacob was 27 when he got started on this dream. And he was by no means a scratch golfer either. A 14 handicap, someone who admired the single digit player in his foursome. He was quite literally the average golfer. An average golfer with a superhuman belief system and a powerhouse work ethic.


    His story blossoms from there into a beautiful picture of a late bloomer who falls in love with golf, and turns his love of the game into a budding entrepreneurial career. He’s an out of the box thinker, a swing speed teacher, an accomplished Speedgolfer, a senior writer for GolfWRX.com, and finally, with the recent release of Sterling Irons, a golf club innovator. Alright, I’ve said enough. Let’s catch up with Professional Golf Entrepreneur, (hopefully that sums it up), Jaacob Bowden.


    I hope you enjoy our conversation with Jaacob Bowden. Definitely want to encourage you to check out his swing speed training program. Like he mentioned, most golfers have never done any swing speed training, and therefore can see massive gains in just a few weeks time. For his unique view on current topics and events in the world of golf, follow him on your social media platforms of choice: he’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.




    Contact/Follow Jaacob Bowden:

    Personal Website: www.JaacobBowden.com

    Facebook: /JaacobBowden

    Twitter: @jaacobbowden

    Instagram: @jaacobbowden

    YouTube: Jaacob Bowden

    Sterling Irons: SterlingIrons.com

    Speedgolf World Champion Rob Hogan -  Ep 007

    Episode 007

    Speedgolf World Champion Rob Hogan


    What separates the best in the world from the runner-ups? “I don’t know,” is not a phrase you expect to hear often from someone who has made it to the top of their sport, or their academic field, or their chosen profession. Whatever the case, whether passion or Providence, we expect world champions and world-class performers, once crowned, to have the answer to that question and all the others we have.


    Maybe that fact betrays our deeply flawed beliefs about optimal performance: that being the best at something must require the attainment of perfection.


    The story of 2-time Speedgolf World Champion Rob Hogan is one sprinkled with imperfections, failures, and knowledge gaps. And Rob is more than willing to talk about the struggles and obstacles that have defined his golfing career. There is a lot Rob will admit he doesn’t know or have an opinion about. But it quickly becomes apparent that it is precisely this state of not knowing, this yielding of control, that both fascinates and drives Hogan towards the limits of what most people believe is possible in the world of golf: the coveted Speedgolf score score of 99. The equivalent of the 4 minute mile in track and field, or the elusive score of 59 in golf.


    Since 2013, Hogan has either won or finished 2nd in every Speedgolf event he’s played in. And he keeps getting better every year. He is the reigning, two-time Speedgolf World Champion, the reigning British Speedgolf Champion, 2-time Eastern Speedgolf Open Champion, and has multiple 18 hole championship Speedgolf rounds under 40 minutes.


    How Rob Hogan from the little town of Bray, Ireland becomes Speedgolf Rob, the fastest golfer in the world, is a story as much about passion as it is Providence. It’s the story of a young man who emerges from the difficult plot twists in life without losing grasp of the awe and boundless potential he had going in. Ultimately, it’s a story about courageously yet light-heartedly entrusting our dreams, and the results of our efforts, to the mysterious and unknowable forces that shape and forge our destiny.

    Top World Ranked Speedgolfer Allan Philips - Ep 006

    Episdoe 006

    Top World Ranked Speedgolfer Allan Phillips


    Here's the deal. The concept of Speedgolf is not as foreign as you may first believe. If you're a golfer, chances are you've played Speedgolf. Most of us have teed off late in the evening in a race against the setting sun, charging ahead for a quick 9 before the daylight fades. Those rounds are some of the most memorable, aren't they? That's the essence of Speedgolf. Though it may be less common these days, if you’ve played quickly through the group ahead waving you through, you’ve played Speedgolf. And let's be honest, we all feel good when our pace of play leads to playing through the group in front of us.


    Last week we spoke with Human Performance Specialist Allan Phillips, a man with sufficient accolades and credentials to warrant our best attention when it comes to strength and conditioning, peak performance training, and all around athletic fitness.


    This week, as promised, we are leaving all pretense behind, and getting down to business! It’s no secret Speedgolf is a shared passion, and for the next hour we dive deep into this sleeping giant of a sport, it’s training applications as it relates to traditional golf, what Speedgolf needs to reach the masses, the creation of a sport specific set of rules, and the development of a variety of alternative formats within the sport of Speedgolf itself, such as the Speedgolf 100 yard dash.

    If you don’t know anything about Speedgolf, this episode is for you. If you’re busy blazing a Speedgolf trail wherever you are in the world, this episode is for you.

    Human Performance Specialist Alan Phillips -  Ep. 005

    EPISODE 005

    Human Performance Specialist Allan Phillips


    Hello golfers all over the world, and welcome to episode 5 of The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast. In this two-part interview we introduce you to Allan Phillips, Human Performance Specialist, Top World Ranked Speedgolfer, Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness instructor, and the list goes on and on and on:

    Allan has written extensively in the strength and conditioning field. In 2013, he coauthored the Swimming Science Troubleshooting System. He is a weekly contributor for the Swimming Science website and is an Editor of theSwimming Science Research Review. His work has also been featured by Sports Rehab Expert, StrengthCoach.com, Functional Movement Systems, Swimmer Magazine, Swim Swam News, The Active Network, and Livestrong.


    In addition to his competitive background in triathlon and running, Allan is a top ranked professional Speedgolfer, and is one of the only Speedgolfers to post a faster round time than world #1 Rob Hogan.

    Allan and Pike Athletics are staunch advocates for disabled athletes and the Paralympic movement. His Paralympicathletes have won multiple national championships and represented the United States in several international competitions, including the 2012 London Paralympic Games.


    Allan is a beast, and I’m not just referring to his prolific athletic abilities. This guy is an encyclopedia of biomechanical, methodological, and tactical wisdom when it comes to human conditioning and athletic performance. Be sure to pay close attention. There’s some really good nuggets in here, and I think no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum this episode has something for you today. I hope you enjoy getting to know Allan Phillips and learning about where athletic training and performance currently stands, and where it’s headed in the future.


    Episode 5 Discussion Topics:

    • Allan Phillips Background
    • Coaching with Technology vs. Intuition
    • Athlete Readiness
    • Speedgolf Training
    • TPI - junior golf, child development & motor learning
    • The differences between Training vs. Chronological vs. Biological Age
    • Windows of opportunity within development cycle
    The Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Ep 004

    Episode 004

    The Pioneer Life Part II With AFGL Founders Laura & Roberto Balestrini


    Welcome back to Part II of The Pioneer Life with AFGL Founders Laura and Roberto Balestrini. Last week we focused on the history of Footgolf leading up to Roberto’s auspicious discovery of this new and exciting hybrid sport while surfing the TV in 2011.

    This week we face the future of Footgolf, from the upcoming World Cup in Argentina, to some really exciting news I won’t spoil right here. So without further ado, enjoy Part II of The Pioneer Life with AFGL Founders Laura and Roberto Balestrini.

    For those of us who want to see golf stay relevant in the quickening pace of modern day life, I hope you are inspired by what Laura and Roberto are achieving. The greatest way we can support their efforts is by going out and finding a place to play Foot Golf. You can also support the American Foot Golf League by following them on Facebook /footgolfusa and twitter @footgolfusa and be sure to visit their website at AFGL.us and their youtube channel at FootGolfUSA as well.

    Alright, until next time, pick up the pace in 2016, and Happy New Year!!!

    AFGL Websites:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/footgolfusa/... 
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/FootGolfUSA
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FootGolfUSA 

    Ep 003 The Pioneer Life With AFGL Founder Roberto Balestrini

    Episode 003

    The Pioneer Life with AFGL Founder Roberto Balestrini - Part 1


    In this week’s episode, Dude and Scott are treated to a lengthy conversation with the Pioneer of Footgolf in the USA, the Founder of the American Footgolf League, the Godfather of Footgolf as he has been dubbed because of his passion, his magnanimous spirit, and his influence on the growth of this new hybrid sport: Roberto Balestrini.


    We asked Roberto for one hour of his time, knowing he’s a busy man. To our absolute delight, we spent almost 3 hours talking to him about all things Footgolf, what the pioneer life is like, the challenges and rewards of spearheading an entirely new sport in the United States and Internationally, and we even had the good fortune of his wife, Laura Balestrini, joining us mid way through the interview. Well, there was just too much good here for one 30 minute episode...so we’ve decided to bring you part 1 today, and part 2 next week.


    This week we focus on the history of Footgolf leading up to Roberto’s auspicious discovery of this new and exciting hybrid sport while surfing the TV in 2011. Roberto seized the window of opportunity and jumped head first into his role as pioneer of Footgolf in the US. It hasn’t always been an easy road, and certainly the idea of giving up crossed Roberto’s mind more than once. But with his wife Laura by his side, Roberto focused on taking maximum advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves, and trusted the attraction to the sport would inevitably draw mass appeal.


    Starting with 4 courses in 2012, Roberto tirelessly promoted the benefits of bringing Footgolf to golf course operations, and built strong relationships with course owners and operators as he invested every last penny traveling across the US introducing golf courses to Footgolf. As of the time of this interview in December of 2015, the AFGL has over 450 Affiliate courses in 49 States.

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 002

    Episode 002

    R&A Pace Of Play Survey Results & Host Reaction


    The hosts discuss the recent 2 day gathering in St. Andrews to discuss the results of the R&A's Attitudes Towards Pace Of Play Global Survey conducted from the Fall of 2014 through the Spring of 2015. Leaders from all golf's major associations were present. Surprisingly, the survey findings cut sharply across last year's USGA Symposium on Pace Of Play, where results indicated Golf Course Management practices as the primary driver of slow play. The R&A survey, culled primarily from golf club members close to home in Great Britain and Ireland, indicated something quite different, namely, that reasons cited for slow play revolved around player education, performance, and personal golfing habits.


    Regardless of reason, the facts are that golf is losing relevancy in the 21st century as a realistic means of recreation, due to the time commitment required to participate. Work and family commitments, along with the cost of participation are listed across the board as the primary reasons for leaving the game and choosing alternative means of recreation.

    New formats like Speedgolf inherently address each of these issues and efforts are underway to standardize Speedgolf play across the States and globally in the coming years.


    R&A Pace Of Play Global Survey Download


    USGA Pace Of Play Online Resource Center Link

    Pace Of Change Golf Podcast Episode 001

    Episode 001

    2015 Speedgolf World Championships Recap


    The podcast kicks off with Dude Spellings interviewing Scott Dawley about his experience at the 2015 Speedgolf World Championships. The 4th annual World Championship changed venues for the first time in 2015, and while leaving Bandon Dunes was a bitter pill to swallow, the Fazio designed venue in Chicago (The Glen Club) proved to be as picturesque and perhaps more challenging than Bandon.


    Dawley's goal was a win this year, so he enrolled the help of a running coach and set up a 100 day training plan. In the midst of launching LinksRun, he spent 26 days of every month hammering away at his physical endurance, and honing his golf game, especially his putting. That translated to 100+ miles of running and 40+ hours of putting, short game, and full swing practice per month. There were lots of highs for Scott, like winning his first 10k trail race, and plenty of lows, like overtraining and physical exhaustion. Nevertheless, Dawley entered the 36-hole championship more prepared and full of confidence than ever before.


    The weather on day 1 was reminiscent of last year's championship, with cool temps and wind gusts up to 40 mph. Employing a new piece of equipment, The Silo, Scott finished the first round with a 78 in 51 minutes, putting him in a familiar position at the world championships: 5th place, and 4 strokes behind the leader. Day 2 conditions were mild in comparison, and Scott knew this was his chance to mount a comeback. After a birdie on the 1st hole, and another on the 4th, he knew the day was going to be special. Scott finished the round with a world championship record-tying score of even par 72, in 48 minutes, and jumped 3 spots into 2nd place. His final round consisted of 6 birdies, and 1 eagle (a hole out from the fairway on a par 4), along with 2 bogeys and 3 double bogeys.



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